as soon as the robot turns to him

So we ended up actually getting the money to build this robot, which was nice. I’m going to show you now the same kind of performance, this time with a socially expressive head. And notice one thing — how the robot is really showing us the beat it’s picking up from the human. We’re also giving the human a sense that the robot knows what it’s doing. And also how it changes the way it moves as soon as it starts its own solo. (Music) Now it’s looking at me to make sure I’m listening. (Music) And now look at the final chord of the piece again, and this time the robot communicates with its body when it’s busy doing its own thing. And when it’s ready to coordinate the final chord with me.

Thanks. I hope you see how much this totally not — how much this part of the body that doesn’t touch the instrument actually helps with the musical performance. And at some point, we are in Atlanta, so obviously some rapper will come into our lab at some point. And we had this rapper come in and do a little jam with the robot. And here you can see the robot basically responding to the beat and — notice two things. One, how irresistible it is to join the robot while it’s moving its head. and you kind of want to move your own head when it does it. And second, even though the rapper is really focused on his iPhone, he turns back. So even though it’s just in the periphery of his vision — it’s just in the corner of his eye — it’s very powerful. And the reason is that we can’t ignore physical things moving in our environment. We are wired for that. So, if you have a problem with maybe your partners looking at the iPhone too much or their smartphone too much, you might want to have a robot there to get their attention. (Laughter) (Music) (Applause)

Just to introduce the last robot that we’ve worked on, that came out of something kind of surprising that we found: At some point people didn’t care anymore about the robot being so intelligent, and can improvise and listen, and do all these embodied intelligence things that I spent years on developing. They really liked that the robot was enjoying the music. (Laughter) And they didn’t say that the robot was moving to the music, they said that the robot was enjoying the music. And we thought, why don’t we take this idea, and I designed a new piece of furniture. This time it wasn’t a desk lamp; it was a speaker dock. It was one of those things you plug your smartphone in. And I thought, what would happen if your speaker dock didn’t just play the music for you, but it would actually enjoy it too. (Laughter) And so again, here are some animation tests from an early stage. (Laughter) And this is what the final product looked like. (“Drop It Like It’s Hot”) So, a lot of bobbing head. (Applause) A lot of bobbing heads in the audience, so we can still see robots influence people. And it’s not just fun and games.

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